Keep it simple:
The answer is probably right before you in your glass

WINE DOESN’T HAVE TO BE A COMPLEX SUBJECT. In fact, it should be mostly about fun and enjoyment! This website may be the beginning and personal key in helping you understand this basic insight. Donal Smith’s broad and practical experience level – can go a long way in helping both the novice and connoisseur discover the glorious yet simple pleasures found in a glass of wine.

Donal, a renoun wine consultant, wine educator and the long time wine & spirits manager for Corti Brothers , Sacramento makes all of his experience and enthusiasm available to you.

As a serious Wine Enthusiast, I am always looking for new sources of knowledge on one of my favorite subjects. Allow me to help you with your immediate need and share my enthusiasm in the process.

Donal Smith: Wine Consultant

Travel To . . .
New York's Fabulous Finger Lakes Wine Region

better than that! Join Donal Smith on this fun, unique tour.

Coming in 2011

Link for details pdf on Finger Lakes Wine Region tour

Introduction To Wine, The University Wine Course

I'm currently teaching a wine/lab classes on wine at CSUC (Chico, CA). The classes will be offered through the Agriculture Dept. at Plumas Hall (via the Plant and Soil Sciences).The class emphasizes sensory evaluation exercises but literally covers all aspects of wine appreciation. It covers everything from basic organoleptic exercises, 'How To Taste Wine,' 'How wine is Made,' weekly, blind tasting exercises . Introduction To Wine introduces all types and styles of wines to the students. White wines, Red wines, Rose, Sparkling and Dessert wines are all covered during this 15 week course.

This popular award-winning class is a hybrid of live classroom sessions for wine tasting supported by Web Course Tools (WebCT-Vista) to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of out tasting time.

The instructors are Dr. Richard Rosecrance and myself - Donal Smith. I'll be using the text "The University Wine Course" (A Wine Appreciation Text & Self Tutorial) by Marian W. Baldy, PHD - also used at UC Davis. This is a 3 unit, full semester, academic commitment for enrolled students.