Donal Ray Smith:

Wine Tasting Experience – 26 years in the wine trade
Food and Wine Pairing ability
Wine Consulting & Planning for your business needs
Wine Classes & Seminars for both entertainment and business clients
Extensive knowledge of Sales and Marketing (retail & wholesale)
Extensive personal wine-travel experience (where do you want to go – what do you want to do?)
And – Donal has an extraordinary knack and ability to really LISTEN TO YOUR SPECIFIC NEEDS and present SOLUTIONS that can ultimately SAVE TIME AND MONEY! “


Donal Smith, Sacramento’s consummate wine merchant and wine educator, has not only spent the last quarter of a century managing Corti Brother’s dynamic wine departments, but also visiting most of the important wine regions in the world. Trained by world wine & food authority, Darrell Corti, Donal was always encouraged to travel, taste and learn – and that is exactly what he did for 26 years.

As a wine and spirits merchant for one of the country’s most important upscale wine and food retailers, Donal was frequently expected (as wine department manager) to taste and scrutinize as many as 200 wines each month. Frequent “guest lists” for these tastings included some of the most famous wine critics, winemakers and food aficionados of the world. And it was this unique work experience and “celebrity-mingling”, this amazing “lips-on” opportunity, this workplace ‘MO’ that parlayed into his basic teaching philosophy about wine:

“You can read all the books (and God knows there are plenty) written on wine to become more knowledgeable on the subject, but the best way to truly enhance your understanding of wine is to taste as many wines as possible. Reading covers the more academic side of wine, while tasting is more enjoyable and practical. A little of each will do you the most good.”

Donal’s formal education includes both undergraduate and graduate studies at CSUS and UCD …with degrees in both Rhetoric and Communications and Business. His employment history includes an extensive time as District and Regional Sales Managers positions (for both California and New York companies), “On-The-Air” radio and television positions for local KSFM radio, KCRA radio, and KCRA (Ch.3), Sacramento.

Donal is an expert on pairing wine with food and choosing the “right wine” for both informal and important events. His incredible ability to really LISTEN to the customer and ultimately make the appropriate choice(s) for their needs is known both locally and around the country. Many customers continue to call Donal for advice long after they have moved from the Sacramento area.